Global-Scale Sustainable Blockchain Fabric

Apache ResilientDB (Incubating) offers a high-throughput yielding distributed ledger built upon scale-centric design principles to democratize and decentralize computation

Renewing the Vision

The inception of Bitcoin and blockchain has renewed the vision of a democratic and decentralized computational paradigm. This vision aims to integrate privacy, integrity, transparency, and accountability directly into the computational model.

Paradigm Shift at the Core

At the heart of this paradigm shift lies a family of fault-tolerant consensus protocols. Historically, these have struggled to meet the performance demands of modern applications, signaling a need for evolution.

Reimagining Blockchain Fabric

To address these challenges, Apache ResilientDB (Incubating) has boldly reimagined the blockchain fabric through a scale-centric lens. Our complete redesign incorporates parallelism and deep pipelining at every layer, optimizing for modern hardware and global cloud infrastructure.

Main Features

Explore Apache ResilientDB (Incubating), a high-throughput blockchain fabric with a multi-threaded design.

GraphQL Support

Wallet Integration

SDK Support


Durable Storage

Multiple Interfaces

RPC Architecture

Dockerized CLI

Secure Authentication

Open Source


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